Things I have Learned

Here's some things I have learned about cooking since starting this blog:

- Meat is done when the thermometer says it's done. Pay absolutely no attention to the suggested time in the recipe. It's wrong. (But... make sure your thermometer works.)

- Brownies are done when a toothpick comes out clean. Even if they don't look done, take them out of the oven. (Thanks to my step-dad for this advice.)

- Eggs should be cracked on a counter-top, not on the side of the bowl. It helps them crack more predictably.

- Three of the most wonderful smells in the world are basil, garlic, and cinnamon. But not together.

-Cake flour and all-purpose flour shouldn't be substituted for one-another. Cake flour has less protein in it, so it makes things light and fluffier, so substituting all-purpose flour for it will lead to a really, really sad looking cake.

Number of times I've been burned by the oven/stove: 2